Out Side The Pew

Let the healing begin
Sounds of Praise Talk Worship
Outside The Pew

Pew Talk Radio the sounds of praise talk and worship we are a Christian radio station. We will be presenting a new show call outside the pew. This show will give a platform to discuss issues that your local church my not discuss. Are issues that you were told not to discuss. issues that you have been struggling with and trying to cope with. in life we all have issues that we think no one else is struggling with.This show will be the platform for us to open up and meet others with the same problems. So we all can come together and communicate and come up with solution and teach others how to solve these problems in our daily lived. Through prayer and fasting and working together and loving one another. Pew Talk Radio will like you all to help us with some of the topics to help make this show successful for all of us. If you will like to be a guest on this show you can contact us at grelan@pewtalkradio.com send in your topic as well.

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