Revelations 21:8

All liars shall have there part in the lake of Fire

Presenting Revelations 21:8

‘And all liars shall have there part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone’

This is one of the most powerful seminar’s that you will ever have it will changer your life.

today people will lie and will not think about it with no problem. But if you are a Christian and you  love the Lord with all you heart you will run fore from the sin of lying . if you have a problem with lying this siminar will save you life.

The lord place this in my heart and it change my life all i can do is thank the lord for his knowledge wisdom and understanding.

The Lord has put a burden in my heart to share this knowledge with others. This will change the way you view this terrible sin of lying and what God will do to those that continue to lie.


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