Midnight Oil Pray Request

Pew Talk Radio Present

The Midnight Oil Tuesday, Wednesday,& Thursday at Midnight

                                         This show can help you get your breakthrough. Through pray and supplication make your request know unto God.

                    the bible tell us to confess our one faults to another and for us to come together in pray. He also said for to love one another.

This show is for us to get our breakthrough and i believe in the name of Jesus that God can do anything we ask of him. He also said  that if we had the faith of a mustard seed that God can work miracles in your daily lives. You can send in your pray request to grelan@pewtalkradio.com and we will put them in our pray bowl and pray the pray of faith. We believe that pray a powerful weapon against the enemy and that God can break any chance or stronghold that the enemy can bring against you

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